Wet Walls vs Tiles

Wet Walls vs Tiles

Wet wall panels have become increasingly popular in recent years due to the huge ranges of designs, finishes and textures that are now available. Whilst tiles might have seemed like the obvious choice in the past due to their stylish and traditional appearance, wall panels have become a strong contender when it comes to picking wall finishings for not just bathrooms and kitchens but also in hallways, living rooms and even bedrooms.

Keep reading to find out why a wet wall is the ideal solution for your bathroom and kitchen needs.

What is a wet wall panel?

A wet wall, shower wall or bathroom wall panel, is a large panel that can be used in bathrooms, wet wall areas, shower enclosures and even kitchens. They are tough, hardwearing and waterproof wall coverings made out of materials such as plywood, PVC and solid core. Wall panels can be purchased individually and are available in a number of sizes, or can be purchased as part of a package deal. Our package deals include everything you need to kit out a bathroom. You just select your style and we'll supply the panels, trims and adhesive.

Small Black Brick 7 Pack Package Deal

What are the benefits of using a wet wall?

Why wet wall? There are a number of benefits of using a wet wall panel instead of tiles. Wet walls are:

1. 100% waterproof, making them ideal for shower enclosures and wet areas.
2. Quick and easy to install, requiring an average of 2 hours whereas tiling can take up to 2 days.
3. Virtually maintenance free with a wipe clean surface.
4. Hygienic and mould free, unlike tiles which require grout that is harder to keep clean.
5. Provide excellent insulation and soundproofing.

What are the benefits of using tiles?

Whilst wet walls are a hygienic, practical and cost-effective alternative to tiles, there are still some benefits of using tiles depending on your style and budget. These are:

1. Tiles come in a variety of shapes and sizes such as hexagons, metro and mosaic.
2. Tiles are stylish, classic and traditional.
3. Tiles give you creative freedom as you can mix and match colours, patterns and sizes.

Metro Bevel Gloss Black Wall Tile 10cm x 20cm

Can wet walls be used in traditional and modern homes?

Whilst wet wall panels are a fairly new concept, they are now available in a variety of modern and traditional styles which makes them ideal for any style of home. These include tile, brick, stone and marble effects, as well as some more modern designs such as glitter effect and patterned panels.

Calacatta Marble Linda Barker Multipanel Wall Panel

Prefer the look of tiles over wet walls?

If you have a traditional home and would prefer the look of tiles, you can opt for a tile effect wall panel which will create the same aesthetic as tiles without the extra maintenance or cost required. The biggest advantage of tile effect wet wall panels is that no grout is required. Your faux grout lines will never go mouldy!

Dark Grey Stone Tile Effect Wall Packs

Ready to renovate?

Now that you know all about wet walls, why not take a look at our extensive range and find your perfect style and colour. Transform your bathroom into a modern and luxurious space that you love. Don’t tile it, panel it.

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