Q & A

Our most commonly asked questions .

" can bathroom wall panels be put on top of tiles " 

Yes . All panels can go over tiles but especially our 5mm thick panels.We use a silicon adhesive to bond the panels to the tiles 

"what are bathroom wall panels"

In simple term they are a replacement for tiles. They come in PVC sheets in varies sizes and glue on to your wall.


"what are bathroom wall panels made of"

Our panels are made from PVC and are constructed to be 100% waterproof , Hygienic & Mould Free 

"what size are bathroom wall panels"

We carry 3 sizes of panel.

1. 100cm wide by 240cm long 

2.  25cm wide by 270cm long

3.  60cm wide by 240cm long 

"how to install bathroom wall panels"

The panels join together by a tongue & groove click system and just glue on to the wall. The trims are essential to seal the corners and ends to keep everything watertight.

"how do you cut bathroom wall panels"

Use a small saw or stanley knife 

"how do you clean bathroom wall panels"

Best to jut wipe down. No need for strong chemical cleaner since there is no grout or exposed silicon .

"how good are bathroom wall panels"

Our customers a very please with the panels we supply as we use a continous order factories and not clearance factories which tend to use poor quality product that show lines and poor printing. They do as they are designed - keep your bathroom hygienically clean and free from mould.

 "Do they come with a guarantee"

Yes - All our manufacturers offer a 10 year guarantee 

"how much are bathroom wall panels"

They vary in price from the size and thickness. They start around £7.40 per square metre 

"How do I work out what I need"

Most bathroom are around 2.4m high thefore the easiest way is measure the lengths and widths of your room and add them together. If your bathroom is 7m around then you need 7 packs or 7 wide panels or 6 packs of the 60cm panels  if you are still unsure then call us and we can work it out for you.

"How do I fit wet wall panels to the ceiling"

There are 2 ways 

1. use the hidden lip on the tongue & groove to screw or staple you panels to the upper batons.

2 . you can glue them using the panel adhesive.Let the first panel set and then just click and glue the following panels.