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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a look at some of the questions that we’re asked on a regular basis.

Bathroom Wall Panels or Wet Wall Panels are a cost-effective alternative to tiles. There is no need to grout to fit panels and there is very little maintenance involved unlike tiles. They are non-porous, hygienic and mould free.

Our panels are made from 100% Waterproof Hi-Impact PVC Core. They are Class 1 Fire-rated suitable for both commercial and domestic use.

Yes. Our panels are ideal for use with showers. They can be fitted inside an existing shower cubicle or around the shower area of a bath. Check out our Shower Wall Panel Kits from £159.

Our Bathroom Wall Panels can be cut using any fine toothed saw. For an accurate and neat finish use a Tenon Saw, although you can also use a handsaw. If you are cutting curved or detailed areas then a Jigsaw would be the saw of choice and for cutting circular apertures for light fittings, pipes etc use a Hole Saw.

Yes our bathroom wall panels can go over tiles by using Silicone Sealant instead of Panel Adhesive to fit them. Make sure there are no loose tiles and that there is enough clearance behind bath and basic taps to cope with the extra thickness.

We currently sell 1m wide wall panels25cm wall panels and 60mm wall panels at thicknesses of 5mm, 8mm and 10mm. 

Yes, but it will not eliminate condensation. Bathroom panels are warm to the touch so condensation will not form helping to reduce the amount, however the only proper way to eliminate condensation is to extract it. You can either use an extractor fan or use a dehumidifier.

Yes. However, care needs to be taken when installing the panels near sources of direct heat such as open hobs and ovens. In this area you should use tiles or a stainless steel panel.

Using Panel Adhesive and/or Silicone Sealant on the back of the panels to fix to the surface, they join together using a tongue and groove system that provides a seamless finish with tight, almost invisible joins. 

Yes. All our manufacturers offer a 10 year guarantee. If there is an issue with your boards please get in touch with our customer service team on 0141 882 8275 with your order information.

There are two ways in which you can fit the wall panels to the ceiling. First of all, you can use the hidden lip on the tongue & groove to screw or staple your panels to the upper batons. Or secondly, you can glue them using panel adhesive. Allow the first panel set and then just click and glue the next panel in. Carry on with that routine until complete.

We serve both the public and trade customers. If you are a trade customer get in touch with us about opening an account and our discounted pricing. If you are a commercial company looking for a bulk order it is best to discuss your requirements in-store or over the phone on 0141 882 8275.

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